Drug Addiction Treatment​s

At Full Circle Recovery (FCR), we’re dedicated to helping you and your loved ones through proven faith-based and traditional programs.

Located in Southern California, Full Circle Recovery (FCR) has successfully rehabilitated drug and alcohol abuse sufferers for more than twenty years. We believe recovery is possible for everyone, and we serve our clients with passion and power – offering individually tailored, CARF-accredited* programs for substance abuse, co-occurring disorders and relapse prevention.

Although all FCR staff and volunteer members are practicing Christians, we offer both non-denominational Christian and traditional 12-step programs. Our Christian track includes Biblical counseling, with referrals to outside church services and support groups, while our traditional program focuses on evidence-based treatment principles.

Offering outpatient options for mild substance use disorders, as well as 30-day to 6 months in-residence options for those suffering from moderate to severe substance abuse, FCR provides clients a smooth, seamless transition into sober living.

Through lectures and guided group meetings, FCR’s treatment plan creates a pathway from the culture of addiction to the culture of recovery, facilitating the transformation to long-term recovery. 

*Certified and approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Most Major PPO’s Accepted.

Mission Statement

  • Full Circle Recovery (FCR) is a Christian drug, alcohol and mental health facility foremost.
  • FCR's aim is to create a smooth and painless transition from the culture of addiction into the culture of recovery; and to produce meaningful character transformation sustaining the recovery process.
  • FCR believes that every life possesses purpose. Obscured by addiction, Full Circle Recovery works diligently to uncover, discover, discard and replace basic life practicing skills.
  • FCR facilitates transformation effectively in its clients through the Spirit and wise, evidenced-based counsel with theological integration of biblical principle.
  • FCR heals the underlying causes of addiction by unearthing the authentic self in each client attending our services.
  • FCR serves its clients with passion and power; we do this professionally, personally and practically – because… we believe in recovery for everyone.