While there are more than a few great addiction recovery centers in the Riverside County area, there is only one place that does what we do!

Full Circle Recovery is the best option for those searching for top of the line addiction and mental health recovery programs.

We’ve been servicing the area of Norco for more than 20 years – we know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know the value of recovery programs in the area!

With each individual addiction and personalized mental health issues, FCR provides faith-based, non-denominational programs alongside the traditional 12-Step program that only we can truly understand.

Learn the different ways we can help you or a loved one:

We strive on our abilities to create programs that are designed to specifically treat our client’s individual needs and wants when it is in the best interest for the client.

Norco has certainly made a name for itself by offering a place like FCR for people all over the area. No one works to make recovery programs as welcoming and personal as we do.

What Makes Full Circle Recovery Different?

Well, it’s quite simple really – our entire process is different. We use various types of therapies to find which best fits each client, and we focus on healing the underlying causes of addiction by unearthing the authentic self.

Our Extensive Treatment and Recovery Program Experience

Full Circle Recovery is a facility that affirms and encourages its clients to become active members in a 12 Step program. We facilitate transport to multiple outside 12 Step meetings for our clients including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Clients are strongly encouraged to seek and procure a sponsor through these meetings and begin their journey through the 12 Steps.

The facility is owned and operated by believers and practitioners of the Christian faith. As Christians, we believe that every life has value and purpose and we treat our clients with love and compassion as a result. FCR is unique in its offering of a weekly Sunday Morning Church Service conducted by our Pastor and CEO Glenn Doty.

We integrate Christian values and teachings by not only offering Sunday services to the clients, their families, and the community but the clients also attend Harvest every Wednesday evening for Bible study. We also offer clients the opportunity to integrate Christian principles into their individual sessions if they opt for it (some clients like to remain focused on programs like 12-Step but others opt for discussing how they can integrate Christianity into their recovery). There are also certain group sessions that are geared towards incorporating Christian values into recovery.

Our licensed and certified professionals can address a variety of both addiction and mental health issues.

Full Circle Recovery in Norco, CA is completely licensed, accredited and capable of recommending you the best treatment options for your individual circumstances.

With the wide range of programs we offer, we are confident we can meet your needs and provide you with incredible and long-lasting results.

Full Circle Recovery offers the following treatment options:

  • Detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Custom Outpatient


This level of care offers a California State Certified Detox Facility. This is a 24 hour 7 days a week sub-acute structured care environment. Our medical, clinical and support staff will be highly attentive and work from a client-centered needs-based philosophy to mediate any and all acute and post-acute withdrawal symptoms, making for greatest possible deduction of pain in preparation for the next viable and appropriate level of care.

Kind, compassionate, and respectful care is afforded all of our clients during this crucial stage of recovery. Call us now for further evaluation, assessing and directing of your detoxification process. FCR is ready to accommodate your needs in this specialty area of treatment.   

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program is a quality State approved and CARF accredited program. FCR residential promises our clients maximum attention and respect in this setting. Our certified counseling staff along with our MA level equipped counselors will work with you not only on your primary issues for treatment but also on all of your secondary core considerations that are driving the addictive process. Multiple various groups are offered during the course of the day with 1:1 counseling throughout the week for a complete recovery package.

Treatment Planning Sessions, Relapse Prevention, Stress Reduction, Life Skills, Triggers, Grief and Loss Concerns, and Recovery Education, are only part of the training you will be introduced to in your group processes and one on one sessions. FCR offers quality housing; environments that are comfortable and accommodating, spacious and well-appointed furnishings. You will feel relaxed and cared for; readied, refreshed, and prepared to begin the undertaking of your personal path to freedom at FCR Residential. Call us now to inquire further about this segment of our program.

Partial Hospitalization

This segment of programming includes a level of structure between the Residential Care and our Intensive Outpatient Level Care. PHP offers a five hour per five-day level care program that includes Treatment Planning Sessions, Recovery Planning, Individual Counseling, and Clinical Core Instructional Groups. This level of care is an intensive level of care for clients that need healthy amounts of structure. PHP placement is substantial to those who wish to leave few gaps towards learning the addictive personality, its impulses, and drives which are very familiar to the early stages of recovery and its potential relapse challenges. Call for further information to inquire as per how you can access these services today.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

This segment of programming includes three days and three hours per day treatment for a recovering individual. IOP is a medium to moderate level of care that is the middle ground of facility-level treatment care at FCR. Our IOP program offers clients the availability to live in the community, program during select days, and be able to carry out obligations with family and business that might be otherwise disrupted by the other levels of care we offer. IOP offers group counseling, clinical training of core issues, drug education, treatment planning, and one on ones with quality level accredited staff. Call us now to get more information on this level of care.


This level of care is typically associated with one on one support counseling and the use of community support referrals combined. FCR has multiple leveled degree and skilled counselors that work in one on one counseling. OP level counseling is the least intensive care FCR offers and is typically a post-residential, IOP treatment support mechanism, or strict mental health, or relationships type of counseling.

Scheduled at your convenience, our clients meet with quality counselors that will work with you strategically on a treatment plan and target goals and objectives to resolve any kinds of issues you may be struggling with. Call today to gather more information about this support level of care.

Custom Outpatient

This level of care can combine various aspects of any of the levels of care offered by FCR. Clients with special circumstances may need to work on a particular tailored combination or menu of service items selected from other levels of care FCR provides. FCR is willing to meet with its clients to assess and negotiate specialized treatment plans yielding positive outcomes in the most convenient ways agreeable to our clients. Call now to talk to one of our service representatives in getting better acquainted with this particular level of care.

Equine Therapy

Another reason why Full Circle Recovery is different? We implement Equine Therapy using the EAGALA Model.

The EAGALA Model is a team approach that includes a licensed, credentialed Mental Health Professional, a qualified Equine Specialist, and horses working together with the client in an arena at all times. This unique therapy model is client-centered, solution-oriented and evidence-driven. It is so effective because it embraces the science that humans learn by doing. With this hands-on approach, our clients have the ability to analyze situations, make connections and find solutions.

Horses are large and powerful animals. Being unable to control them helps us reflect on how we approach our relationships and how we can face other big or overwhelming things in our lives. By personally experiencing the situation and solution with intellectual understanding, they tend to be deeper, more profound and longer-lasting.

Call today to learn more about the best recovery program in Norco, California and what we can do for you.