Our Mission


To offer recovery treatment based options in multiple levels of care and to work with clients innovatively and constructively plan with insight and vision a new clean and sober identity and personality


Recovery ought to manifest  “transcendent experiences,” transforming the heart  by engaging knowledge and wisdom; power and strength. An initiation of the “second side of self,” and emergence of a passionate, confident, and renewed Spiritual zeal for life revived. Our journey is not one of getting and staying clean although that happens — a real goal in recovery is that of coming to the understanding of life’s purposes and acquisition of those revealed designs thereafter.  


Orchestrated by a 25 year history of  understanding and determination, our people are  program-minded personnel; we will gently guide you into the facilitation and congruence towards a safe, secure, and significant relationship with your “Self.” In the end you will say, Who Am I…? And the Reply: I am that which I am and always will be—and I am good with it now…

Full Circle Recovery’s mission is to create more than a treatment center; our goal is to establish a supportive home and community where hurting people are met with empathy, understanding and proven methods for reconstructing a life worth living. Getting sober for life is a journey. Success depends on strategies that elevate and transcend the lives of our clients.

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