Quick Summary:

  1. The Center is Certified, Licensed, and Accredited
  2. They Have A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team
  3. Speak With Your Medical Insurance Provider
  4. Mental Health Services Are Provided
  5. There’s A Proven Track Record of Success
  6. They Accept Your Insurance
  7. Medical Detox Is Done On-Site
  8. The Programs Offered Are Specialized
  9. Emphasis Is Put On Progress Rather Than Time
  10. Post-Treatment Recovery Support Is Available
  11. They Provide Support For The Whole Family
  12. They’ve Existed Long Enough To Have A Proven Track Record

Making choices that have anything to do with rehab centers is not easy. Whether it’s for someone you love or for yourself, it’s not a position anyone wants to be in.

And that’s without saying anything about the countless options for rehab in California. There are so many to choose from and almost all of them claim to be the best.

Regardless of the reason that you’re researching treatment centers, these suggestions will lead you to the right one. Here are 12 tips to help you choose the best rehab facility in California for you.

1. The Center is Certified, Licensed, and Accredited

Unfortunately, just because a rehab center has an established location and pays for advertising doesn’t mean they’re reputable. By reputable we mean that the business is properly accredited, licensed, and certified.

There are only two organizations that can provide accreditation to centers for rehab in California. They are:

  • The Joint Commission
  • CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)

These organizations are nonprofit and independent. A rehab facility must adhere to certain industry standards to become accredited. As well as demonstrate quality results over a period of time.

Remember that the accreditation we’re talking about is different than state licensing. Accreditation requirements are the same nationwide. But each state has its own requirements for licensing.

Rehab centers benefit greatly from being able to advertise themselves on certain industry-specific, third-party platforms. But in order for this to happen, the center must be certified.

The certification process is very thorough. Any facility offering rehab in CA must be vetted for legitimacy. Once they receive certification, they are allowed to advertise on these platforms. Not to mention that consumers get peace of mind knowing that the rehab center meets industry standards.

As you research rehab in California, be sure to find out if facilities are certified, licensed, and accredited. Look for proof on homepages. Don’t hesitate to call them and ask.

Also, if you notice that a particular rehab facility has lots of negative news coverage, be wary. Regardless if they’re accredited, licensed, and certified. 

Licenses and Credentials Of Clinical Staff

It’s not just the center itself that needs certain credentials to warrant your consideration. The staff needs proper credentials, as well.

Clinicians and employees working in these places and providing rehab in California should have professional licensure. And again, just because they’re employed there doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve met nationally-recognized standards.

How do you check this? Again, you can look at the facility’s website and see if they have a page dedicated to the staff. Descriptions of their legitimacy as medical professionals are often listed there, sometimes with accompanying logos of approval.

Here are some of the specific credentials to look for:

  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC)
  • Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Counselor (CCDP)

Why is all this important? Because you want clinical staff who are properly trained and have experience. This increases your chances of receiving the best possible care.

2. They Have A Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

What is a multidisciplinary treatment team?

It means that the staff at the rehab center represents a wide range of professions. Professionals who specialize in different types of care and who serve different purposes. This is a sign of a high-quality treatment program.

All staff members work together which allows each patient to receive customized treatment, no matter the nature of your condition. Verify that team members are properly licensed in their field.

The best places for rehab in California have individual staff members representing each of these 8 disciplines:

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nurse
  • Medical Doctor
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Spiritual Care Counselor
  • Wellness Specialist
  • Nutritionist

One thing to watch out for is one or more staff members wearing many different hats. This is the opposite of a multidisciplinary treatment team. What you want are individual people with individual specialties.

3. There’s Proof Of Evidence-Based Practices

The best treatment centers implement programs that are based in research. In your search, check that the facility relies on science and evidence in their practices.

Some of the programs that have a proven track record include:

  • Twelve-Step Facilitation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy

4. Mental Health Services Are Provided

Not every center for rehab in California incorporates mental health treatment. You should choose one that does.

Even if you feel that your immediate reason for looking into rehab centers isn’t directly related to mental health. The truth is that in almost every addiction recovery case, a mental health specialist is invaluable.

Depression and anxiety, for instance, tend to go hand-in-hand with addiction. They also show up in tandem with almost every other mental health disorder. This is called a dual diagnosis: addiction + mental health issue.

What should you do if you find that a California rehab center you’re interested in doesn’t offer mental health services? Ask the staff about how mental health treatment is incorporated. They always incorporate it somehow, usually through the community or through other providers.

But again, choosing a treatment center that has mental health personnel on staff is the best bet.

5. There’s A Proven Track Record of Success

Within the rehabilitation industry, the definition of the word success can differ from center to center. Make sure to have this conversation with the staff or find credible information online related to success rates.

Find success stories online or elsewhere of people who’ve been through that center. Talk to real people if you can.

Also, take notice of any rehab in California that advertises unrealistic success rates. If you see things like a 99.9% success rate or we have the cure, stay away. This is a red flag.

Reputable treatment centers publish their success rates in peer-reviewed journals with evidence of real research.

6. They Accept Your Insurance

It’s no secret that admitting someone to rehab in California is not cheap. Communicate with your health care provider before spending too much time doing research. You want to know which ones will accept your insurance.

A treatment center that accepts your insurance is referred to as being in-network. If you speak with a rehab center and they say something like we’ll work with your insurance, this isn’t clear enough.

You need to know for sure if the place is in-network or not.

Some treatment centers offer financing. Find out more here.

7. Medical Detox Is Done On-Site

One of the crucial parts of the addiction recovery process is detoxification. The best way to manage the health of a patient going through detox is when it’s done onsite.

You will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the place you chose has these people on staff. People who are trained experts in treating drug withdrawal. They’re usually referred to as being part of the detox unit at the facility.

8. The Programs Offered Are Specialized

Your rehab in California needs to be tailored to you. A treatment program shouldn’t be a conventional, this-is-the-way-we-always-do-it-no-matter-what type of program. They need to be custom-made for the individual.

Look for facilities that offer things like a specific program for teenagers. Or a program just for women. Those kinds of things. A place that creates a specialized treatment plan based on the person and their needs is what you want.

The rehab in California that you choose should also offer both individual and group treatment options.

9. Emphasis Is Put On Progress Rather Than Time

There are some rehab centers whose programs last a certain period of time, and that’s it. Whatever results you’ve made by the end of 6 months (for example) represents the end of your time there.

Try to find a place that doesn’t release patients after a certain time no matter what. Rehabilitation for some people is fast. For others, it takes longer. You don’t want to be stressed over a time crunch during the recovery process. You already have enough to worry about as it is.

The rehab you choose should have extension options and multiple levels of rehab. That way you have the option to increase or decrease the intensity of your care while admitted.

10. Post-Treatment Recovery Support Is Available

High-quality rehab centers in CA offer continued support even after you leave the facility. This is important because it significantly lowers the risk of relapse.

There are a handful of effective options that rehab centers can offer post-treatment.

  • Coaching via phone
  • Apps designed to help the recovery process at home
  • Groups you can attend for continuing care

And these are just some of them. It’s recommended to choose a treatment center that offers things like this.

11. They Provide Support For The Whole Family

What kind of family support is offered by the treatment centers you’re looking into?

It’s very common for addiction to be called a family disease. That’s because when a person is an addict, it affects a lot more than just themselves. It directly affects everyone close to them.

In a very real sense, those closest to the addict need recovery and healing, too. Just in a different way. This is accomplished through support that provides education on boundaries and trust-building.

When the family also receives support as part of the treatment center curriculum, recovery rates soar.

12. They’ve Existed Long Enough To Have A Proven Track Record

The number of rehabilitation centers nationwide has increased a lot in the last decade. You have more options to choose from than ever before.

Consider how many years the center has been in existence. Those that have been around longer and have established credibility are usually a safer bet. 

That doesn’t mean that newer ones aren’t doing great things. But, generally, the longer they’ve been at it, the better they are at treating patients.

12-Point Checklist For Choosing The Right Rehab Center – Conclusion

Don’t forget to read reviews online. Go to Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other places to see what others are saying about the facility.

Feeling nervous when looking into rehab in California is normal. It’s not an easy situation to be in. But choosing the right treatment center is important. Don’t just go with the first one you hear or read about. Look into different options. Pay attention to your feelings and intuition in addition to what you’re learning.