Full Circle Recovery (FCR) is an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) faith-based Christian facility. FCR works conjointly with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, bipolar disorders, trauma concerns, personality disorders, and many other categories of mental health issues that confound the balance of life. FCR is a Christian dual diagnosis residential and outpatient mental health treatment facility. FCR has been in business since 1996 helping people recover from addiction and other mental health disorders, to conceptualize a new path of living, to uncover, discover, discard, and replace prohibitive factors and obstructions and to live in complete freedom with the experience of a positive and spirit-filled future.

What may be helpful to understand in regards to Addiction and Dual Diagnosis treatment at FCR:(1) Of 100% of all populations that have a diagnosable addictive disorders, only 10% of these groups ever receive treatment; meaning that 90% of people that are addicted continue in their problems into more chronic states of disrepair; likewise, (2) There are approximately 17.5 million persons that are diagnosed with some kind of mental health disorder. Of those 17.5 million people only 4 million receive treatment for those mental health disorders. This means only an approximate 20% of people are being treated for mental health problems. The potential untreated and under-treated population is at about 85% which equivocates to pandemic proportions and these figures are expanding rapidly. Adding to the mix of complications remains the characterological fact that 30% to 40% of these two demographics have co-existing or dual disorders of either a mental health diagnosis for substance abusers and or substance abuse for mental health patients. The quandary is deep and concerning. Costs on healthcare industry per year are upwards of about 166 billion per year; with hospital emergency visits, social service interventions, courts and so on. FCR is here to curb the flow of these phenomenons by intervening one family and one life at a time.

FCR is working diligently to make and create meaningful services that directly spearhead these kinds of problems in our communities.