COO, Co-Founder, Facilities Manager, Intake Coordinator, equine therapist 

Kristine Doty

I am one of the co-founders of Full Circle Recovery and have 20 years of experience in the Drug and Alcohol field of counseling and life coaching. I currently working as the facilities manager of our Residential Inpatient Program and our Ranch facility. I am a certified Professional Master Life Coach specializing in recovery and possess an RADT for Drug and Alcohol counseling; however, my greatest passion comes from utilizing my EAGALA certification to integrate equine therapy into the clients’ sessions with their MFT-level therapists.

I have a multitude of life experiences that I am blessed to bring to my work at FCR and have played many different roles in the company throughout the years, all of which have assisted in creating a better understanding, in me, of the struggles that each individual addict must confront. I am best known for my hospitality, compassion, and patience when interacting with our clients and aim to meet the needs of each individual to the best of FCR’s abilities. I am a huge advocate of the power that animal therapy can have on a client in allowing him/her to create a deep connection with a beautiful living spirit when they may be too hurt and/or intimidated to do the same with another person just yet.